Waste Pyrolysis Equipment Installed in Nigeria

Another Beston waste pyrolysis equipment was installed in Nigeria for pyrolyzing oil sludge. As we all know, waste oil sludge has great harmful impact for local environment. With the help of Beston pyrolysis plant, oil sludge can be turned into oil, combustible gas or sand. All of these end products can be applied as resources. Currently, more investors choose this machine to handle waste tyre. If you have a intention for this project, send us your message.

Waste Pyrolysis Machine
Installment of Waste Pyrolysis Machine in Nigeria
Pyrolysis Machine
Installation of Beston Pyrolysis Machine

Waste Pyrolysis Equipment
Waste Pyrolysis Equipment Installed in Nigeria
Pyrolysis Plant
Beston Pyrolysis Plant in Nigeria
Pyrolysis Equipment
Photos with Nigerian Customers
Waste Pyrolysis Plant
Beston Waste Pyrolysis Plant in Nigeria

Besides oil sludge and tyre, rubber-made product also can be as a raw material. Four models are available at present, including batch type, semi-continuous and fully continuous type. Email us about your requirement and need to get a satisfied project.

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