BLJ-10 Small Pyrolysis Machine Installed in Ukraine

Through the efforts made by both parties, BLJ-10 small pyrolysis machine and BZJ-10 waste oil distillation plant were installed in Ukraine. This customer was used to seek a way to get economic value from the waste tyre. After made a survey on the market, he thought pyrolysis machine had great potential development. Then, he ordered this project from Beston. There are some photos which showed the installation process and the final product got from waste tyre.

Small Scale Pyrolysis Machine
Small Scale Pyrolysis Machine Installed in Ukraine
Small Tyre Pyrolysis Machine
Small Tyre Pyrolysis Machine Installed in Ukraine
Small Pyrolysis Machine
Installment of Small Pyrolysis Machine in Ukraine
Small Scale Pyrolysis Plant
Good Feedback for Beston Pyrolysis Project
Pyrolysis Oil
Pyrolysis Oil – Final Product Got from Project
Small Scale Pyrolysis Equipment
Beston Small Scale Pyrolysis Equipment in Ukraine

The tyre oil produced in pyrolysis plant can’t meet the standard of diesel oil. If you want to get high-quality oil, take oil distillation machine into consideration. Besides, the tyre shredder and other device are available at present. Leave your detailed requirement to us. We will design a satisfied plan and competitive price for you.

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