Waste Recycling Plant for Sale

Beston waste recycling plant for sale has become the preferred method when government and investors do recycling and waste management. Due to high sorting rate and several sorting principles, this machine reduces the waste and improves waste utilization enormously. Waste recycling machine classifies the waste into plastic, metal, paper, organic matters, stone and sand. Customers are able to gain profits from these sorted waste.

Waste Recycling Plant for SaleWaste Recycling Equipment for SaleWaste Recycling Machine for Sale

Select Competitive Recycling Machine Price:

When you do waste recycling business, you will visit different brands of recycling machines online. There is a great variety in recycling machine cost. We believe the waste recycling machine price Beston Group offers is not the lowest one but is the rewarding one. The entire set of recycling machine for sale is composed of distributing system, sorting line and reprocessing machine. According to the component of the waste you are going to deal and the material you plan to recycle, we can customize the configuration of recycling plant. This will cut down your cost to the most extent.

Waste Recycling Machine
Beston Waste Recycling Machine
Waste Recycling Plant
3D Beston Waste Recycling Plant

Current Recycling Separation Condition in Indonesia:

Indonesia is the second-largest contributor of plastic waste to the world’s wasters. Every year, Indonesia government pledges a large amount of fund to attempt to decrease garbage. At present, recycling sorting machine is the top choice for them. This recycling facility not only can decrease massive garbage but also is conducive to reduce the pollution for land, water or air.

Trash in Indonesia

Choosing an Appropriate Waste Recycling Plant for Sale:

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-400
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity 5 T/H 10T/H 20T/H
Power 149KW 224.7KW 279KW
Area 2400㎡ 2800㎡ 3000㎡
Working time 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours

Finding Waste Recycling Equipment with High Sorting Rate:

Beston waste recycling equipment for sale combines with several sorting parts to enhance the sorting efficiency. The sorting rate of recycling equipment reaches to 90%. The following parts play import parts in the solid waste processing plant.

Distributing waste evenly by uniform distributing machine. This feeder can evenly transport the waste into bag breaker. And at the same time, it guarantees that the next process is going smoothly.

Crushing waste into small pieces by bag breaker. The function of the bag breaker is to crush the bag into small pieces in the garbage recycling plant. Then, the waste in the bag also can be sorted and reused.

Uniform Distributing Machine
Uniform Distributing Machine
Bag Breaker
Bag Breaker

Classifying organic matters by rotary screening machine. According to the diameter of the hole in this part, waste can be classified into two types (larger than 50mm and smaller than 50mm). Getting larger waste (organic matters) is the purpose of this machine.

Getting three types by comprehensive winnowing machine. Comprehensive winnowing machine can classify the waste into light materials (plastic), mixture materials (hard plastic, texture, rubber products, wet paper, etc.) and heavy materials (stone, sand, glass, rubber shoes, ceramic chip, etc.) in the waste recycling plant for sale. Then, customers are able to reuse these waste respectively.

Rotary Screen Machine
Rotary Screen Machine
Comprehensive Winnowing Machine
Comprehensive Winnowing Machine

How to Reduce Odor in the Waste Recycling Plant?

Deodorization tower in the automatic segregation plant is a perfect device to deal with the odor. This tower collects the odor and dust coming from waste. Then the tower cleans them through several procedures, like deodorizer. Besides, this part can also be used in the composting system to deal with the unpleasant smell.

Deodorizing System
Deodorizing System
Deodorization Machine
Deodorization Machine

How to Get Instant Information from Recycling Equipment for Sale?

The most useful part to get the information of the whole trash recycling machine is PLC. This part can manage the whole trash processing plant. And in case of occurrence of any sudden accident, we design emergency stop button and other buttons in the recycling sorter to stop the sorting line in time.


Finding Top Waste Recycling Plants Manufacturers:

There is a large deal of waste recycling equipment manufacturers in China. Beston Machinery, as the top one, has decades of experience of manufacturing and installing recycling sorting equipment. Due to our mature manufacturing line and delivery line, Beston recycling machine China is popular with more and more people and government. We always adhere to the principle of doing the environmental protection industry. And this project enables investors can make great benefits.

High-efficient Recycling Machines
High-efficient Recycling Machines Manufacturer-Beston Group

Simple Description of Waste Recycling Process:

Pour the garbage into feeding platform in the waste recycling plant for sale.

The feeder will transport these waste into bag breaker.

After crushed, waste will be sent to rotary screening machine. Two types of waste can be collected. Then these waste will go through the magnetic separator and comprehensive winnowing machine. After sorted by these parts, final sorted products are light plastic, mixture matters and heavy materials.

These waste classified by municipal solid waste sorting machine can be further processed to new products which have high value. Consult us to learn about a specific plan.

Working Flow
Working Flow of Beston Recycling Plant

Beston waste recycling plant for sale is the first choice when customers and government wanna dispose of piles of waste. Firstly, it is conducive to reduce waste pollution around us. Secondly, turning worthless waste to the valuable product is a great business. Thirdly, Beston automated recycling machines are helpful to improve the severe situation of energy shortage. Accordingly, this waste processing machine is a worthwhile investment.

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