Nigerian Customer Checked Pyrolysis Plant

Nigerian customer came Beston Machinery to check his ordered machine. He bought BLJ-16 pyrolysis machine to dispose oil sludge in his country. He planed to deal with 15-20 tons of oil sludge. BLJ-16 was suitable for his demand. He showed that oil sludge was difficult to handle in Nigeria. This machine would make benefits from oil sludge for him.

the Casing
the Casing
Pyrolysis Plant
Induced Draft Fan

Pyrolysis Machine

Waste Pyrolysis Plant

Pyrolysis Equipment

Pyrolysis Reactor

Waste Pyrolysis Equipment
Nigerian Customer Checked Waste Pyrolysis Equipment
Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant
Customer Checked BLJ-16 Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant
Waste Pyrolysis Machine
Customer Checked Besotn Waste Pyrolysis Machine

Ater checking, this customer gave good feedback for us. He was looking forward to the next installation in his country and the final products got from this project. If you intend to get this kind of project, consult us for an appropriate business plan.

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